Hyperverse —
the host of all the better worlds
Hyperverse produces full-immersion free-roam VR parks.
Chase the new age of entertainment.
Unique content for everyone is included.
New age of entertainment

There is a huge disconnect between values of new generation of customers and existing offering from old school entertainment industry globally. Today customers are looking not just for games, but for truly social experiences with massive interactions, immerse with stories, and finally shared on Instagram. So LBE businesses really have to adapt, and they are trying to, but they can’t do it themselves.

And here comes Hyperverse — we help LBEs to get into the new age of entertainment.

Hyperverse produces full-immersion free-roam VR parks
You are free. No wires attach you like an umbilical cord to old boring existence. So you’re on your own — move and behave in virtual worlds like you used to in real one. Every gesture counts.
Unique content for everyone

To engage new audiences, we are constantly adding games of different genres and styles to our library. We bring experiences to dive into that unavailable in real life. The current choices ranges from adventure and thriller to shooter themes, with new releases planned as frequently as every quarter.

We offer an exclusive games catalogue: we produce and select high-end content in all different genres and styles. Each game is one-of-a-kind, available exclusively at Hyperverse VR parks.
Hyperverse allows you to transform any location into a fully immersive entertainment zone.
We open parks around the world and looking for partners to grow our network.