Cats attack!
Adventure, shooter, comedy
25 minutes
2-6 players
Cats attack! — is a location-based immersive multiplayer game, that is a parody for 90's games and movies culture. Players are not told that they play as cats, and being a humanoid-cat-commando comes as a surprise to players when they see each other first time on Mother-Ship. Lots of jokes and humor from 90s culture throughout the game. Cat-humanoids came to planet Earth, to save earths cats from slavery of Homo Sapiens. Players play as a squad of cat-humanoids commandos, who's mission is to save regular cats from city streets and houses of people. Police, Army and Robo-Dogs from future are against cat-humanoid commandos.
Full immersion technologies allow to move freely around the virtual world, interact with objects, solve scenario riddles and confront both enemies and their own fears.
Game mode: Cooperative
Mechanics: Shooting, stealth, telekinesis, interaction with objects
Age: 12+
Language: English and Russian
Developer: Hyperverse, Steel Monkeys, 2018