Monster Lab
Action, shooter
25 minutes
2-6 players
Monster Lab is an action-adventure shooter with survival elements about vicious viral outbreak in the remote research lab in the Alps.

You are in the first response team on a mission to find the antidote and eliminate the threat to humanity. The staff of the lab have mutated into bloodthirsty monsters that will continuously get in your way.

Your mission is to save the world by protecting the antidote from getting destroyed. You need to battle your way through mutants and monsters in a dangerous laboratory and complete the mission with your teammates whom you can see throughout the whole adventure.
Monster Lab — is a cutting-edge and never-before-seen immersive experience that plunges visitors into a three-dimensional virtual world.
Walkthrough: Cooperative
Mechanics: Shooting
Age: 12+
Language: English and Russian
Developer: Hyperverse, 2018