1. What is Hyperverse?
It is a fully immersive multiplayer virtual reality experience with you and your teammates physically in the epicenter of the action. It's location-based, which means you visit one of our locations where you walk into a real-time virtual reality.
2. How many people can play at a time?
The number of players varies in specific experiences and locations. Most of them accommodate 2 — 6 guests. If your group is bigger, we'll split it into multiple groups.
3. How long is the experience?
Up to 30 minutes. Please plan to spend at least 40 minutes at our location.
4. How early should I arrive for my visit?
We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time.
5. Can I wear glasses?
Unfortunately, no. We recommend that you wear contacts as glasses can scratch and damage the headset lenses.
6. Who can or can't play?
All guests must be 12 years and over to play. Please pay attention to age restriction information on the page of specific Experience you want to visit.

For safety reasons players with the following conditions will not be able to play:

  • epilepsy or similar disorders,
  • broken body parts,
  • heart conditions,
  • final stages of pregnancy,
  • wheelchair users.

Players under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not allowed to play. No refund, sorry not sorry.

7. Any other questions?
Feel free to contact us hello@hyperverse.io